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Wasaga Beach Community Presbyterian Church was established in 1997, however, the church building dates back to 1922. It was that year when the Wasaga Beach Community Church was erected near the mouth of the Nottawasaga River, opposite Nancy Island for summer services. Church services continued until the church Board purchased land and moved it to the present location at 6th and Mosley in the fall of 1964. In the spring of 1965, the church suffered a fire of unknown origin. Most of the building survived and the Board agreed to build new walls for the roof that was in good condition after the fire. Services resumed in the summer of 1966 and continued for another 30 years.

It was in December 1995 that the Session of the First Presbyterian Church in Collingwood, asked the Presbytery of Barrie to explore the possibility of a new Presbyterian congregation in the fast-growing community of Wasaga Beach. A steering committee was named with the Rev. Wallace Little as convener. Negotiations began with the Board of the Wasaga Beach Community Church in the fall of 1996 and the spring of 1997. On June 22nd, 1997, the Wasaga Beach Community Presbyterian Church was born.

A renovation and winterizing project began in the fall of 1997. Fifty volunteers were encouraged to participate in the project supported by members of the Community Church Board who returned $50,000 of the purchase price needed to winterize the building. The congregation happily returned to the sanctuary for worship Sunday, December 21, 1997, just in time for Christmas.


“We value: 

  • having the word of God to share with our community
  • having enough money to assist Presbyterians Sharing; Evangel Hall Mission and Foodgrains Bank
  • having new people join us and sharing new ideas
  • having music to suit the occasion, both sacred and secular
  • having meals together
  • having harmony in our congregation”

“We Care”

Updated March 27th, 2023